joi, 22 aprilie 2021

Oferta de voluntariat - Stagiu in Spania (Toledo)


Apel voluntari! Cautam doi voluntari  disponibili pentru un stagiu de voluntariat de 2 luni in Spania (Toledo), in perioada 14.06-31.07. 2021. Ecocompartimos, organizatia de gazduire, va organiza tabere de vara internationale pentru copii din grupul tinta si are nevoie de ajutorul unor tineri veseli si energici. Sarcinile voluntarilor includ pregatirea si implementarea de activitati de educatie non-formala. Cei interesati pot obtine mai multe informatii trimitand un email la

vineri, 9 aprilie 2021

I feel at home!


We started this month with 2 weeks of quarantine because Gönül had the Covid. These 2 weeks stuck in the apartment seemed long, the evenings and weekends seemed endless. We continued our online work with the children and teenagers. Once we were free, we started our awareness campaign on the value of water. We started our presentations on March 22, the World Water Day. We made many presentations for 2 weeks. We tried to make young people aware of the importance of water and its pollution which is harmful to the planet. Being able to meet many students from Baia Mare and the surroundings was for me an enriching experience even if sometimes the online meetings are not always easy, the students were involved and curious during this awareness campaign.

Discovering new skills


We started the month of March having to do two weeks of quarantine, because, unfortunately, Gönül was infected with Covid. Althoug, sometimes, not be able to leave the house made me a little sad, but having activities to plan and prepare for made it easier. It was also fun to do the quarantine with friends instead of being with my family.  During the months of March and

April, Manon and I carried out the Educational Campaign "Valuing Water". This campaign has given me the opportunity to learn more about water pollution, to learn how to use different online tools to create videos and make presentations, as well as, it has been a challenge for me to do the different talks in schools. I like to make talks and I feel comfortable doing them in Spanish and Portuguese because they are languages that I control, but to make these talks even if it was not a very complex topic has been a challenge for me because I don’t have a high English level, so it is more difficult for me to express myself and make myself understood properly.


joi, 11 martie 2021

Here comes the sun!


I have been here for three months now and everything is going great. I feel at home and I hope this feeling will last! At the beginning of the month, we went on a little hike, with my roommates and my coordinator, we were able to enjoy the nature and have a good time all together. This month we had our arrival training, this training was online, we were able to meet many volunteers living all over Romania, some volunteers are in Baia Mare. We were lucky enough to meet them and show them around the city, get to know each other during a dinner.  The classes with the children are still online, I am impatient to meet them. As time goes by, I feel I understand them more and more, seeing their evolution with their participation in English activities even if sometimes being behind the computer can be demotivating.

miercuri, 10 martie 2021

La revedere, iarnă!


It has been a very good month for me as I have been traveling around different areas of the Maramures region; Cavnic, Sighetu Marmației, Săpânța, Desești among others. Northern Romania has beautiful sites (some of them UNESCO World Heritage Sites) that are worth visiting and that, unhappily are not very well known.  This is the first month that we are living together with Gönül. For me it is an enriching experience to be able to live with her in the same house because I have not had many opportunities to converse with a person whose religion is Islamic or from Turkey. Thanks to this, I have been able to learn more about what is currently happening in Turkey, taste different typical dishes, learn new words in Turkish, as well as find similarities between Turkey and Spain. She is a very nice person, and her company makes our days at home more pleasant.  

joi, 18 februarie 2021

Romanian is still difficult for me


We did activities with children of different classes and levels. Games with the vocabulary of colors, the days of the week, animals ... They also taught us a bit of Romanian. Romanian is still difficult for me to understand. I had meet the students from the online classes and play in the snow with them which was fun. We had a meal together with the coordinators which was nice and the menu very tasty. The personal development classes are generating more confidence and help for me.

Little by little I am feeling more and more at home


This month we continued with the online classes due to the restrictions, although we were able to visit the town and the school where we are going to carry out part of the project. I really enjoyed being able to see the classrooms and start thinking about the activities we could do there.  It was very nice to be able to see the town snowed in and to go hiking in the snow. For someone who has lived all her life in Madrid, being able to have so much snow nearby is really exciting.